Mary Lafferty

We were visiting Winchester and we’re going to grab a late dinner to take back to the hotel and settle in for the night. From the outside of the restaurant we expected to walk in and see a counter with a menu overhead with pictures of dishes- we have all visited these types of places. We were shocked when we walked through the door and saw “sushi bar” in lettering on the door. Once inside it was very tastefully decorated, great atmosphere, and incredibly gracious staff. They were packed. Once the egg roll arrived my husband ordered we knew we were in for a treat – he said “there is more than cabbage and a few tiny pieces of pork” it was amazing. Everything we ordered was phenomenal!! The serving were HUGE (so we had left overs for two meals) and this was easily the best Asian cuisine I have had in several years, if not ever stateside. Nothing in Chicago, Atlanta, NY, Boston, etc. that I have tasted comes close. Winchester you are a lucky city and I’m incredibly jealous I don’t travel there more often now.